Shout Out to Katrin Rudge: Enter “the Aquadome!”

shout-out-rudgeJoin SC/TA President Pat Gardner in a “shout out” to Katrin Rudge for her amazing aqua science work at Riverview High School. Enjoy the article below from Katrin — then check out the Facebook photo album (coming soon) on Katrin and students working in “the Aquadome!”

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are getting some fun focus through the Riverview High School Aquascience Program.

There, students are raising snook and redfish in the outdoor learning facility they call the “Aquadome.” The snook will be raised to eventually be tagged and released in collaboration with Mote and their research project in one of the many creeks in our watershed (we are hoping our very own Phillippi Creek!).

Last summer, the snook were brought over from Mote Marine Laboratories at 10mm size. They still needed to be fed plankton as they grew to larger size. They quickly grew to more than eight inches, eating a pellet feed diet that is either hand-fed by students or dropped from an autofeeder.

The redfish started as 1-inch fingerlings and have beerudge-1n growing larger since last October’s transfer from Mote. Students were recently involved in moving them for transport back to the Mote Aquaculture Park (MAP) which is located on Fruitville Road. They will be growing to “food size” in their aquaponics system in a similar outdoor greenhouse.

Students are excited to be involved in this important project and are also helping to teach over 5,000 elementary and middle-school students who visit their program, called “Stars to Starfish.”

For more photos please go to www.facebook.com/sctaonline.org. To see the Stars to Starfish Website, go to http://itech.sarasotacountyschools.net/stars2starfish/ To learn more about the Mote Aquaculture Park, go to https://mote.org/locations/details/mote-aquaculture-park


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