Executive Committee

The Executive Committee represents the SC/TA in negotiations. It includes seven members from the instructional field, and five members representing classified workers. This committee also approves appointments and expenditures, and suggests policies for consideration by the full Board.

SC/TA Executive Committee

Eric Aeppli, Facilities Services Department (Classified, ’17-’19)

Deborah Beck, Gulf Gate Elementary School (Instructional, ’15-’17)

David Browning, Facilities Services (Classified, ’16-’18)

Edward Coyne, Venice Middle School (Instructional, ’15-’17)

Shari Dembinski, Laurel Nokomis School (Instructional, ’16-’18)

Ethel Ferebee, Transportation Department (Classified, ’16-’18)

Gail Foreman, Booker High School (Instructional, ’17-’19)

Rex Ingerick, Pupil Support Services at the Landings (Instructional, ’16-’17)

Alison Mislosky, Transportation Department (Classified, ’17-’19)

Dianne Platt, Toledo Blade Elementary School (Classified, ’15-’17)

Patrick Cory Williams, Laurel Nokomis School (Instructional, ’15-’17)