Helping Out

The SC/TA works hard year-round to “give back” to the Sarasota community. Below are just some of our annual community service and support activities. To inquire about how you can become involved or support any of these efforts, contact Charles Allen by email.


Food Bank Efforts

SC/TA collects donations year-round to give to food banks run in schools throughout Sarasota County.




Embracing Our Differences

Member teachers help spread word each year about this project, which asks students to create art in support of diversity.





“The Closet” Prom Dress Project

Teenagers whose families otherwise could not afford prom dresses and accessorities have a chance to “live the teen dream” through The Closet, an annual prom dress collection and give-away coordinated by the SC/TA and its vice president, Chris Mayer. For more information, 941-922-9022.




Scholarship Fund

The SC/TA funds six scholarships annually for members and their family members to pursue higher education. 




Scholarship Fund

SC/TA donates to the Community Youth Development (CYD).