Technology Issues: Another Reason to Re-evaluate the System

Technology image - HelpTechnology issues in our schools are more than an inconvenience.

They can affect students’ scores on tests that will be used to judge them for years. They can also affect evaluations that deeply impact a teacher’s pay and career.

Consider the situation a few weeks ago:

  • Early one morning, a contractor for the south county firehouse cut a Comcast cable that transmitted internet to the entire southern part of the school district.
  • Schools south of Pine View School went without internet for a full day.
  • Elsewhere in the district, teachers struggled to fill the gaps of teaching they were stuck with unannounced. “It is very, very stressful when technology goes down because everything and EVERY lesson now depends on technology working correctly,” one teacher wrote. “There are no back-ups provided …. You struggle like an idiot while your students are waiting and growing increasingly restless. And you can’t just show a video; the administration goes crazy!”
  • All of this occurred just one day after internet service was disrupted districtwide when security measures the district had installed began to interfere with normal internet traffic.
  • The testing so critical to students’ futures – and to teachers’ evaluations – was in full swing during those two days. Not only were those tests disrupted; posting of grades was also delayed.

For teachers already feeling overburdened, over-scrutinized, forced to teach to tests rather than based on students’ needs, the cavalcade of disruption triggers hard feelings, to put it mildly.

“The whole process is so flawed,” one teacher wrote. “How do THOSE folks score on their evaluations?”

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