A Second Look at ESE Questions

Has anyone questioned why the state is finding fault with the number of ESE-identified students in Sarasota County?

Students identified as ESE receive more funding than regular education students. This is to provide these students many extra benefits, such as smaller classes, extra help with their classwork, accommodations on testing, and at times, counseling.

A recent article in the Sarasota Herald Tribune leads readers to believe that the Sarasota school district (teachers) is identifying students for special programs based on race. This is simply not the case. Rather, our teachers are looking out for the good of ALL of our students, and seeking more help to address some students’ behaviors.

We live in a state where funding of our public schools is near the lowest in the nation.  Could it be the state is finding fault with Sarasota simply because the state doesn’t want to provide more money for these students who need extra help?

Let’s also not forget about the key role of parents. Articles like the one that appeared in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune leave parents out of the formula but our schools won’t work without them. Students spend only 6-7 hours out of a 24-hour day in school. Teachers cannot do it all.

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